Festivity is an event planning platform, that connects the customer with the vendor's services & products in just a few clicks.
Festivity saves your time looking for the vendors & contacting each one separately to get choices, which takes longer time & effort. Festivity saves that time & effort by providing you many options to choose from, based on your event/occasion. As our platform combines so many vendors in one website in a simple interface so you can find the right item/service you are looking for easily.
On the homepage, choose the area & date of your event, then you can choose from the categories below that takes you to the vendors/products/services. Add all the chosen items to the cart, then proceed to check out (You can create an account or do it as a guest), place your order, wait for your event date & enjoy it to the max!
When you try to book an item from Festivity, the availability will be shown, you can pay using the website for the "available" items only, some of the items will be shown as "pending confirmation", and those items can't be paid until a representative from Festivity contacts you to confirm after placing the order.
When the product/service you choose shows it's unavailable, you can join the waiting list so a representative from Festivity can contact you if the item gets available on the date you chose.
On normal days, you can cancel your order up to 2 days before the event date, and you will get a refund of 99% of the paid amount. If you want to cancel your order 1 day before the event you will get a refund of 49% of the paid amount. If you want to cancel the order on the same event date, there will be no refund (0% refund). On special occasions & holidays (Ramadan, national days, new year days, etc.) you can cancel your order only 5 days before the event date and you will get a 99% refund. If canceling the order in 4 days or less, there will be no refund (0% refund). (Please have a look at Cancellation Policy:
You contact us on our hotline 22091444 (From 9:00 am until 10:00 pm on normal days). For WhatsApp: (99188250 - 99892422). For Corporate: 99882621.
The order can be cancelled if it's still within the cancelation notice period by either "manage booking" through the website/email or by contacting our customer care & they will guide you.
Once you choose the area, date & the item you need, you will be able to see one of 3 options besides the product: 1) Available: you can book it and pay directly through the website. 2) Not Available: Either it's short notice or the item is booked. 3) Pending Confirmation: you can book it from the website, but you cant pay it through the website, until a representative from Festivity confirms it with you.
Each backdrop we have is a unique item, and you can customize the add-ons, but you can't change the colors of the backdrop itself
In each item you will find the details such as the session duration & the pickup time, if the product is for a full day, then the pickup will be in the next day morning.
When you click on the "next" button on the product's page, it will show you all the possible add-ons to choose from.
It depends on the place, and the product dimensions (Please check the disclaimer that pops up when you add the product to the cart, as Festivity will not be responsible in case the product didn't fit, and there will be no refund upon that). Please note that if the items can be assembled on top floors/basements, additional charges might be applied (Varies depending on the vendor).
Installing such items on the beach is not possible, as that is not safe for the kids or users generally.
You can find the full details in the description of the product, as such details may differ from one vendor/item to another.