Chapati & Karak Station

Prices start from
KD 100.000
Per Session

Service Overview : Cochin


Chapati with sweet & savory fillings & Karak Serves

15 Persons with Option to Add Count


Food: (Per Person: 2 Chapati, 1 Karak)

Chapati Savory Fillings: Halloumi, Falafel, Shakshoka, Labnah, Kraft Cheese, Mortadella with Cheese, Egg with Cheese, Turkey with Cheese Chapati Sweet Fillings: Philadelphia Cheese with Jam, Nutella with Thick Cream & Honey Karak Tea


Service & Presentation: 2 Chefs, Disposable Plates & Cutlery 

Vendor Policy

Setup Time

1 hour

Electricity Required


Session Duration

2 hours

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