Table Setup for 12 Persons

Outdoor & Indoor Setups, Tents and beach seating's

Good for 12 Persons

Wooden Table
Wooden Benches

12 Transparent Dining Sets: Large Plate, Small Plate, Golden Cutlery, Cloth Napkin

6 Pottery Vases
6 Pottery Vases with Colorful Flowers
4 Round White Woven Mats
Assorted Lanterns & Candles
Hanging Red, Orange, White, Black & Brown Wool Threads

Please Note: 20 KWD insurance is taken during set up and given back upon collection

Setup Time
1 hour 30 minutes

3m / 2.5m

Pickup time
Next Day Morning

Session Duration
Full Day

Select your event day and time to check the availability

Prices start from

KD 80.000

Per Day